About Pro Pri

“Pro-Pri, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Ltd” specializes in the production, processing and packaging of frozen fruit and vegetables, as well as growing fresh strawberries. Our company is one of the leading companies in Israel in its field and is known for its uncompromising strict care for its products’ quality and safety.

“Pro-Pri’s” tale goes back as far as 1982, when the founder and still active manager of the company, Haim Amar, began working vigorously in different fields of agriculture, among which are flowers and strawberries. After 9 years of being a farmer, Haim decided to establish a strawberry processing factory, and 9 years after that (in the year 2000), he established “Pro-Pri – Fruit and Vegetable Processing Ltd.”

Today, the company’s reputation precedes it, and it is known for the quality of its products and its controlled processes. Our factory processes fruit for the juice, ice cream, jam and yogurt leading industries, and among our customers are some of the country’s largest food manufacturers, juice, ice cream and jam manufacturers and dairy factories. In addition, small packed items are marketed by resellers all over the country in hotels, coffee shops and restaurants. In the field of fresh strawberries, we market our product to various food chains and retail stores.

The Manufacturing Process

The “Pro-Pri” factory is situated in Kadima, the Sharon region, in which we manufacture a wide variety of products under controlled processes.

The fruit arrives at our factory straight from the farmers and undergoes a process of quality control, during which the fruit are checked and sorted. After that, the fruit are washed, processed and freezed, and later on packaged according to customer requirements.

Quality – Our trade mark

The two main values which guide us are the quality and safety of our foods, and our company’s entire activity revolves around these two values. We believe in an uncompromising care for the quality of each product that leaves our factory, and to us, a quality product is a product we are proud to sign our name to.

In addition, we at “Pro-Pri” put a special emphasis on flexibility and adherence to clients’ requests. We are aware that each client has its own unique needs and therefore requires a special product which faithfully and successfully represents him. It is for that reason we confer with the client as part of an integral process, in which we understand the client’s needs, and manufacture a product which complies with those needs and requirements to the fullest.

Kosher – Our factory operates under various Kosher requirements.

Qualification – Our company is ‘Global Standards BRC’-certified.

Throughout the years, we have productively and closely cooperated with a wide range of customers, developing products which were very successful in the market. You are invited to become one of our clients, and we will be more than happy to share our vast experience and benefits of “Pro-Pri” with you.